The 400 of the 96th: Military Training on Algoma Blvd.


The history of the 96th College Detachment that was stationed at Oshkosh State Teachers College.  The 96th's mission in Oshkosh was to learn how to become pilots during World War Two.


Written and developed by Kyle Moerchen, history department intern. Based on an earlier exhibit by Joshua Ranger, University Archivist.


Section 1: Securing the Detachment

Oshkosh State Teachers College was facing an enrollment crisis because of World War Two when Forrest Polk, the college's president, saw an opportunity to not only help his college through its enrollment crisis, but also help the army educate aviation cadets.

Section 2: Operation Social Life

The cadets were allowed a little time for R&R, but many of them went out on the town, and Oshkosh welcomed them with dinners, banquets, and dances.

Section 3: The End of the 96th

Despite Oshkosh's success in educating the cadets, the army decided to end the operation in Oshkosh.