Oshkosh Hospitality

Oshkosh Northwestern Article

The citizens of Oshkosh and the detachment seemed to have gotten along very well.  Hartman takes time to thank the citizens of Oshkosh for what they had “done to have made our [the 96th’s] stay in Oshkosh so pleasant.”

Oshkosh Northwestern, 3/18/44.

Off campus there were plenty of opportunities for some R&R. Five recreation centers were set up by city churches and clubs as refuges for cadets. Centers were established at the First Congregational Church, the First Methodist Church, the Salvation Army, St. Peter’s Recreational Hall, and the 20th Century Club.  In honor of the cadets, the centers hosted formal dances and dinner parties.

Many clubs, including both sororities and civic organizations, planned events for the cadets. The Knights of Columbus, American Legion, Rotary Club, and Masonic Lodge sponsored breakfasts, dinners, and dances. Kappa Gamma and Gamma Sigma hosted picnics and game nights.