Shall I Go Back To School?

GI Bill Pamphlet

Veterans had many options open to them after returning home. Some chose to go back to school. UW Oshkosh and the federal government ensured that veterans could pay for it.

W1.55/34. Courtesy of UW Oshkosh Government Documents

Because of a shared and insatiable demand for young adults, higher education is often affected by war more than many other institutions. Certainly during a war, conflict can drain a campus of students. But more importantly, when hostilities end, colleges are often called upon to serve returning veterans and get them back on a track that war interrupted. From its days as a state Normal School to today, UW Oshkosh has worked to provide the education and social opportunities these veteran men and women needed to reintegrate themselves into society and the economy.

Presidential Correspondence, 1945

As this correspondence between President Polk and a soldier stationed in India attests, OSTC staff sought to provide individualized service in helping veterans enroll.

UWO 1999/016. UW Oshkosh Archives and Area Research Center

Shall I Go Back To School?