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A letter written by Cadet Austin Winn of the 96th College Training Detachment. Winn describes how easy it is to fly, comparing it to driving a tractor.

The document is a microfilm print out of a telegram from Oshkosh State Teachers College local regent, Edward J. Dempsey to U.S. Senator Alexander Wiley. In the telegram Dempsey states that if O.S.T.C. cannot find suitable housing for a detachment of…

A photocopy of a letter written by Gene Aabel of the 96th College Training Detachment. The letter is dated March 28th, 1943 and is addressed to the Gene’s parents detailing his experiences moving from Jefferson Barracks in Missouri to the facilities…
An unknown narrator explains the different types of roles that young men could fulfill in the Army Air Force's Reserve program, and encourages young, patriotic men to sign up for the the program.


Cadets saluting the flag as the flag is raised outside the cadet's barracks(Swart Hall).

Cadets of the 96th College Detachment stand at attention on Algoma Boulevard.

An article from Tailspin, the 96th College Detachment's newspaper, arguing for two dating bureaus to be established. The men of the detachment hoped that this would foster relationships between the women of Oshkosh State Teachers College and the men…

The cadets of the 96th College Detachment playing football. The cadets played in the Oshkosh Recreational Department's League to stay physically fit. The cadets were mandated to maintain their fitness while in Oshkosh.

A dance held in the old gymnasium. The dance was arranged for the cadets of the 96th College Detachment and female students of Oshkosh State Teachers College.
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