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The kitchen staff preparing food for the 96th College Detachment.

Cadets of the 96th College Detachment marching down Algoma Boulevard.

Officers of the 96th College Detachment posing for picture. Officers include Back row left to right: 1st Lt. Jesse Fuchs, 1st Lt. Robert Akia, Warrant Officer Jerry Wallace, Front row left to right: 1st Lt. Roy Sewell Jr., Major Richard…

An article from Tailspin, the cadet newspaper, chronicling the weekend activities of the Squadron 58.  Squadron 58 visited the Raulf Hotel and drank, danced, and sang with the girls from Oshkosh.

Postcard from the Raulf Hotel located on Main Street, Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Swart Hall was used as the practice school on campus. During World War Two it served as the 96th College Detachment's barracks, and after the war it went back to being the practice school. Currently Swart is used as the daycare and university…

Cadets of the 96th College Detachment waiting for the train to leave Oshkosh.

An article from The Oshkosh Daily Northwestern, telling cadets where they could spend their weekend free time.

A picture of famous pilot/flight instructor Steve Whitman(4th from the left) and flight instructors. These men were responsible for training the cadets of 96th College Detachment how to fly.

A photocopy of a letter written by Gene Aabel of the 96th College Training Detachment. The letter is dated March 28th, 1943 and is addressed to the Gene’s parents detailing his experiences moving from Jefferson Barracks in Missouri to the facilities…
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